Slope data

During the Sapporo Olympic Games held in 1972, the Highland Zone served as a venue for ski / alpine competitions in the male / female giant slalom, the fourth technical category of male and female rotation.The Olympia zone, where the platform bearing the Olympic flame was installed, was used as a venue for the Bobsleigh, Luge, and five sleddings.

Total area 76ha
Vertical drop 683m
Highest point : 1,023m (near the summit)
Lowest point : 340m (Olympia Zone, Olympic Cauldron aerea)
Max inclination 38°
(Olympia Zone, Olympic Cauldron aerea Ocean Dive)
Max distance About 6,000m
(Summit – Highland Zone, Natural course – Olympia Zone, Rainbow course – Olympia Zone, “SHIRAKABA” Sun Shine )
Slope constitution Beginner:35%  Intermediate:40%  Expert:25%

Slope map


Highland Zone

Dynamic, challenging, and exhilarating, the Highland Zone will enchant you with its spectacular views from the summit.
Looking down on the city of Sapporo with its 1,950,000 people and Ishikari Bay, the course is so long that it seems you could ride it all the way into the city.

Business period General : 17 Nov. 2018 - 7 Apr. 2019
*Every day
Spring season : 8 Apr. 2019 - 6 May. 2019
*Only on Saturdays, Sundays, and other Holidays
Business hours Open every day : 9:00 to 17:00
City View Cruise Intermediate 1,200m max21 ave13
City View Panorama Intermediate 1,200m max30 ave13
Women’s Giant Slalom Advanced 2,000m max34 ave16
“KITAKABE” (North Face) Advanced 1,500m max36 ave20
Natural Beginner 4,000m max12 ave8
Men’s and Women’s Slalom Advanced 700m max34 ave21
Paradise Beginner 600m max24 ave12

Olympia Zone

There are many fun things to do besides skiing. Smiles and laughter abound in the Olympia Zone.

Business period 1 Dec. 2018 - 31 Mar. 2019
Business hours Open every day : 9:00 to 21:00
(Night Ski : 16:00 to 21:00)
*Night Ski lift final boarding time 20:45
*December 31 until 18:00
Rainbow Beginner 1,700m max11 ave5
“SHIRAKABA” Sun Shine Beginner 520m max20 ave13nighter
“SHIRAKABA” Sun Trap Beginner 520m max21 ave13
“SHIRAKABA” Sun Rise Intermediate 300m max20 ave14nighter
“SHIRAKABA” Sun Dance Beginner 350m max15 ave9
Olympic Cauldron Ocean Dive Advanced 520m max38 ave20
Olympic Cauldron Ocean Cruise Intermediate 520m max23 ave20nighter
Olympic Cauldron Ocean Stream Beginner 800m max15 ave9



Let's enjoy dynamic air at a top of mountain, seeing scenery of Sapporo city, we have Kicker and Rail, Box willingly, so you can enjoy whoever you are from beginner level to advanced level. You can enjoy kickers, rails, BOX, etc. from beginners to experts. Various items are set up in the park, so let's enjoy riding with items that matched your level!

Note on use


Location Paradise course in Highland zone
Open Late December 2018 - 7Apr.2019
Item kickers, rails, BOX, etc.


Your child can also go up to the top with safety, if you use snow escalater. Let's enjoy tube rings, skiing, sled with your child. We also recommend a person who never been do ski todo ski or snowboard. We will deliver a gentle slope divided into three areas dedicated.


Opening Season 15Dec.2018 - 17Mar.2019
Operating Hours 10:00 - 16:00
Location Olympia zone, SEIKADAI area in Olympia zone
Admission ¥800 (Ages 4 and over One-day tickets, time tickets, membership tickets can be used for free.)
*One-day tickets, time tickets, membership tickets can be used for no charge required.


Let's slide happy with wave and bank

It is a cross course for children. Please enjoy with parent and child! Skiing and snowboarding will progress naturally while sliding happily so it is possible for a beginner to glide freely from children to adults! Enjoy thrilling and safely!


Location SHIRAKABA course in Olympia zone
Open Mid-January -
Item Wave, Bank etc.